LO-headshotWhy should I call you? like seriously what are you offering that all the other resumes I am looking at don’t? lets be honest most people that apply for a job feel like they are “qualified.” Seriously what makes you stand out and how are you showing it in your resume. I feel like most people are excited about the idea of getting a new role, being hired into a new job, but not many will do what it takes to land that coveted job. The reality is if you think a job looks exciting and amazing hundreds of others will too. I can’t stand when a person feels like the bare minimum is enough but they give more time and energy into other area of their lives the don’t give the same return as you would experience if you land a new job with more pay, better benefits and better aligned with your passion. Let’s think about it we pay to go to the movies, to get our hair done, to look great, but you will let your career suffer and not invest in it, submitting a poorly presented resume and being ill prepared for an interview. Okay, so you are saying well Laura my education is an investment, yes it is an investment, but seriously…..you can’t expect to go to the gym, meet your goals and then never enter the gym again to maintain results or even master/focus on a new challenge? no. that. makes. no. sense. Just like your journey in fitness, your career is a journey and through the journey your goal as a professional is to acquire. Acquire what you ask? it depends on what is important to you. What are your goals? where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Are you on the path to get there? Are you routinely working out your career muscles or do you feel like you have met your career goals and you are done. Well if you ask me, as long as you are alive and God gives you breath you are never done, and you always have room to grow. The bare minimum is not enough, meeting your goal is not the enough, consistently stretching yourself after you have accomplished your goal is only fair when you are blessed with life. The same applies with your career, are you there? do you feel like you are on the right track? how are you measuring your success? How many other people do you feel meet the bare minimum and think it is enough.  iVenturist you are more daring than that! you want to stand out, and in standing out you WILL ALWAYS present your best, invest in yourself with a marketing and personal branding that makes you stand out amongst the masses of “qualified” people, you did not stop at qualified or maintenance you are putting your best foot forward and your best foot forward should be and will be better than most!


To your career,


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