What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You?

If you are looking for your dream career, you must put additional effort at maintaining your LinkedIn profile. You may be sending wrong messages to potential employers by having an incomplete LinkedIn profile.

  • If your LinkedIn profile has no profile picture, it means you are not confident even to show your face. Please add a smiling profile picture now!
  • If your profile has a logo or something else as image, again it shows your lacking confidence. Your profile must have a good personality and a great image does just that.
  • If your profile does not have any recommendations, it means you have no one that can publically vouch for your work. Reach out to past managers and colleagues and ask for recommendations.
  • An incomplete profile can make you miss out in many opportunities, because the recruiter can not see your skills and will move on to the next profile. Complete your profile right now!
  • Have a working contact number on your LinkedIn and make it visible on your  profile so that potential employers/recruiter can easily get in contact with you when they have the perfect fit job.

Do some hard work at maintaining your LinkedIn profile if you really want the employers or recruiters to contact you.

Have an impressive introduction: Write an effective introduction in your LinkedIn profile so that employers can get magnetized at first glance. You can hire a iVenture Career Coach to help you craft a high impact profile.

Develop more connections: Network with more professional contacts to know what they are doing and what is trending on LinkedIn. In fact, you will get to know about various professional LinkedIn groups this way.

Include your past experiences: Include the past experiences with companies you have worked for. Most employers love to know this before hiring a candidate. Make sure to put correct information there. Highlight your past accomplishments as well!

Be specific: Employers do not have free time to read your long stories on LinkedIn, so be specific and include what is important for employers and companies. Include what kind of job you are looking for and what responsibilities you can take in a simple yet effective manner.

So, it is true that your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you and make sure to update it ASAP and often in order to attract potential employers.

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