Client Reviews

After a long leave from the workforce to raise three children, iVenture helped me transfer marketable skills to a new career. Not only did I change careers … but I also received a very competitive salary and benefits package. Thank you, iVenture!

Tiffany J. - Project Manager

Working with Laura was absolutely amazing! As a house wife that was looking to return to the workforce in a specific industry that I once thrived in, I found myself frustrated with a lack of confidence in my skills.When I had my first consultation with Laura, she spoke with me specifically about what I felt my issues where in not getting the job. She consulted with me on the phone about resume building, what types of jobs fit my skill set, my interviewing skills and finally a personal conversation about my confidence level and positivity towards job hunting and interviewing. After our first consultation she provided me with an exercise to sharpen my interviewing skills along with a follow up on that particular exercise. For about a month and half Laura kept an open dialogue with me that consisted of interview counseling and preparation, job specific resume building and professional development referrals. Due to her technique and continuous consulting I am now more capable of clearly defining my professional outlook in the next five years. She also advised me on various paths I could take currently to reach some of my professional goals now.Working with Laura helped remove that cloud of frustration and confusion when job hunting and interviewing. I can now say that I am currently employed due to the finesse, care, and resourcefulness of Laura and her expertise! Working with her requires you to take some hard truths and to roll your sleeves up, but if you are willing to do the work, she is willing to help you get that dream job!

Erin S. - Event Manager, Dallas, TX

Laura, with iVenture career Coaching is absolutely awesome and it has been such a pleasure working with her. I graduated with a BBA in Finance around the time when the economy was not doing so well. So ever since then, it has been a struggle to obtain a permanent role in my field. However, I did not allow that from deterring me from working. I took what I could get and worked several contract temporary positions, while still diligently searching for that big opportunity, a first chance. I started to get very discouraged after multiple rejections, until I met Laura. I've always been a shy person and did not interview well. Laura worked with me with interview preparation and helped me exude more confidence in my interviews and strategically answer questions to portray myself as more competent and appealing to the hiring manager. I left each session feeling more confident about my chances of getting a new role. She also revamped my resume and I started receiving more interests from recruiters. With Laura's excellent coaching skills, I have now acquired a position as a Sr. Accounting specialist and also with her assistance was able to negotiate a higher compensation than I expected. Thank you so much!

Nicole Roberts - Accounting Manager

In the midst of salary negotiation for a new position, Laura at I-Venture had done her homework and coached me to push for what my skill set was truly worth in the current market. Her message that women tend to undervalue themselves when negotiating was incredibly motivating and absolutely true. With her encouragement and coaching, I asked for and received $20k over what I originally would have settled for! Taking my salary from 65k to 100k!!

Vanessa F. - Physician Recruitment Director

I had the pleasure of working with Laura from I-venture Career Coaching and Resume Writing Services for with assistance in Professional Resume writing services. Laura’s intellectual horsepower and ability to think big picture in resume writing and development was tremendous! Laura provides great insights and challenges you to think outside the box. She has taken my resume from basic to distinctive. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend i-Venture career coaching and resume writing services.

Olamide A. - Sr. Product Manager