Our Process

Step 1 – It’s all about you

Most people are frustrated and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to their careers and their resumes, they are looking for something new and want to advance in their lives. Others know that resume writing isn’t their forte, their interview skills is where they have always gotten stuck and they need guidance in advancing in their careers; but they also have a firm idea of what they’d like their resume to look like, and where they want to be in their careers. No matter where you are in the process we’ll meet you right there.

Once you submit your order online we’ll schedule a time for a personalized and thorough telephone consultation to get to know you and your career goals better. This initial consultation will last approximately 60-90 minutes (for resume writing and Linkedin profile services) and if you are moving forward with any of our other services, we will contact you with an email following your purchase to schedule our first session and request any documentation depending on the service you ordered. We want to know your goals for your career, positions and/or companies of interest, your employment history—and your passions, talents, and interests.

No lengthy forms to complete:  We do not require you to complete lengthy worksheets or questionnaires. It’s a waste of your time. We know there are better things you’d rather be doing with your time—and we’d love take care of all the writing and proofreading for you.

Step 2 – Personalization, Planning & Creation

Our motto is that no two career journey’s ever look or sound alike. This is usually very easy since you have your own unique story and background. We work with a set number of clients and do not create cookie cutter products or average coaching experiences for our clients. We work with you directly to get to know your needs. We don’t take on more clients than we can handle, to make sure our full attention is focused on getting you to the career you deserve.

Once your telephone consultation is complete we’ll put together all the information and start putting together a plan to deliver your product. If we have any questions, we’ll call or e-mail you to clarify. Please feel free to e-mail or call your writer if you would like to add any additional information you forgot to add in the intake call, and we’ll be sure to incorporate it into the resume.

Once our initial review is complete (during the 3-5 business days for resume services), we’ll send the proof to you for review

Step 3 – Client Review

We’ll send you a Word document proof of the resume for you to review within 3-5 business days of your telephone intake consultation. Take your time to review the resume thoroughly and note any changes you’d like to have made. We edit Wednesday-Friday, and we don’t limit the number of revisions (within reason)—we just ask that you to submit them all at one time. Then we’ll make the changes and send the document back for your review and approval.

Step 4 – Finalization

After you review and approve the changes, we’ll complete one final proofread, finalize the documents, and send them to you in Microsoft Word and PDF versions.

Step 5 – Let’s Get Your Career started!

Once your resume and other documents are completed, make sure you’re getting the exposure you need by adding on the job search strategy package and we will get your resume out to the recruiters in your industry who are filling positions in your area. We will send a copy of your resume to recruiters and executive search firms who are filling positions in your industry, as well as for location and target salary range. Participating in job search strategy gives you maximum exposure and launches your job search immediately. Learn about our job search strategy today!  services today!