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Stop being unhappy and get out of your dead end job today!

Your employment is one of your most crucial financial investments. Whether you are actively engaged in a job search, a new US citizen/Green card holder, underemployed, a stay-at-home parent going back to the workforce following a long hiatus, going through a change of career, a current college grad, or unhappily employed, it is sensible to talk to a career services’ professional before you start your quest for a new position. Most people do not place enough value in their job search. They do not realize that a career coach can help with career exploration, fine-tuning career goals and career choices, as well as help discover talents and skills capable of propelling their careers to the next level. Our career coaches know how to help you unlock your hidden or under-utilized talents, skills and potential in order to maximize your career potential.

Let our career counseling professionals get you to your career goals.

Stop being unhappy and get out of your dead end job today!

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How can coaching help you?

  • Clarify your current career
  • Develop a career plan
  • Find direction on next steps in your career
  • Create professional identity
  • Discover and leverage your strengths
  • Become self-empowered
  • Hone skills
  • Obtain career growth
  • Gain renewed confidence
  • Gain competitive edge
  • Avoid career mistakes
  • Overcome career and interview anxiety

Our career coaching involves working with you on your professional goals. We believe that image consulting and career coaching go hand-in-hand. Let iVenture Career Coaching, coach you to success! We will assist you in discovering what you want next and get you on the right path to achieving your career goals. We provide services in interview coaching where we will teach you how to prepare for an interview, as well as provide career coaching, salary negotiation coaching, and all other job search related coaching.

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