Founder’s Bio

iVenture Career Services Founder and Senior Career Coach, Laura Okoroji

After over 10 years in corporate human resources, where I provided recruitment and talent acquisition advice to leadership teams, I noticed a big problem. Something was shattered.

Candidates and hiring managers were unsatisfied. Recruitment methods were failing. Strong candidates, at times, were simply overlooked because they didn’t possess the tools and skills required to sell themselves relative to the competition. I didn’t think that was fair.

I wanted to equip motivated professionals with modern, strategic job search strategies and tools which they needed to stand out on the radars of recruiters and HR managers in today’s globally competitive world. To accomplish on this purpose, I set out to concentrate on each client to create personalized career branding tools that enables them to stand out above the rest as the employee of choice. Through delivering a highly personalized service to each and every client, thus avoiding the trap of becoming a churn-and-burn, template driven service provider.

As a former HR Professional and Talent Acquisition Consultant, my corporate career saw me providing advice to leadership teams on talent decisions.  I now partner with you: the entry level professional eager to get into the workforce, the professional ready to grow their career, the non-executive director or senior management professional, offering expertise with the aim of enabling you to become the candidate of choice. Below are a few career highlights:

Senior Talent Acquisition Professional-Amazon

Senior Talent Consultant- Cigna Healthcare

Recruitment professional- Samsung Telecommunications

As a Certified Professional Coach and Senior Recruitment professional, I apply a unique blend of coaching, my mission is to position you at the forefront of this super competitive, global recruitment landscape; to align you to the cutting edge of the hyper-connected, digital world we live in, equipping you with tools that harness the ever-changing talent search landscape.

Having worked with highly competitive companies, I bring well-rounded human resources and recruitment insight that ranges from talent acquisition, employer branding, organizational development/design and succession planning. Fully invested and dedicated to your success, we work closely with you as your professional partner, your brand builder and your candidate advocate.

To your career,

Laura O.