The best investment you can make is in yourself

The highly skilled iVenture Career Coaching team has developed a strategic approach that has helped clients accelerate their careers to achieve higher results.

  1. Sudden and unforeseen job loss

    Sudden job loss, feeling overwhelmed, let us help you work through the financial and emotional stressors with the help of an iVenture career coach who understands your challenges.

  2. Retired military seeking entry into the civilian job market

    As a military veteran transitioning into the civilian market, let us help you with our career services.

  3. Stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce

    It can be a challenge to transition back into the workforce after being at home for years, let iVenture help with making a smooth transition.

  4. New US citizen or permanent resident

    New US citizen/permanent resident? ready to get a great job in the US, let us help you get the job of your dreams with strategic interview coaching and resume building

  5. Time to explore a new career

    Are you currently thinking of a career change because of financial reasons, professional growth or need of personal fulfillment? iVenture Career Coaching will provide you what you need to make an informed transition into a new career.

  6. Ready to climb the corporate ladder

    iVenture Career Coaching will increase your opportunities to reach the culmination of the corporate ladder with experienced and personalized coaching.

  7. Ready to start a business venture

    Make sure your business venture does not become part of the 80% of organizations that fail within the first five years. iVenture will provide you a free consultation to help your business idea rise above the negative statistics.

  8. Recent college grad

    Time to apply everything you have learned during your academic life. Recent college grads eager to get started with their careers often make misguided decisions and end up working a job they hate or are underpaid. iVenture will work with you to analyze your options and get you started in your career path.